Homping Grill- Orange Color

Homping Grill- Orange Color

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  • 95 square inch non-stick steel cooking grate.
  • Adjustable fan for temperature control.
  • Weighs 8.4 pounds.
  • Uses 4 AA-batteries.
  • Removable drip pan, cooking grate, and firepot.
  • Available in orange or black.
  • Optional accessories include alternate cooking grates and a lid.

'Homping' has been developed for maximum comfort. Within minutes you are ready to use the grill, because the combination of lighting gel and airflow get the charcoal burning in only 2-3 minutes. Because the grease from the food runs to the side in stead of dripping on the charcoal there will be no smoke. Using the additional grid and lid you can also grill indirect.

Portable grills have a reputation for lacking power, even when fueled by charcoal. For a charcoal grill to generate good grilling temperatures there has to be a critical mass of fuel to get hot enough to cook quickly. One way to compensate for this shortcoming is to use a fan to accelerate the charcoal fire to higher temperatures. Working like bellows, this fan can turn a few charcoal briquettes into a raging fire of grilling power.

The Homping Grill is the latest in this category, and while very small, produces high temperatures for a great portable grilling experience.

homping grill special features

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