The grill is designed divert drippings directly into a convenient oil collector making it possible to cook even oily dishes, such as pork belly and roast duck, over charcoal without flare-ups, reducing charring or excessive smoke. The non-stick treated grill plate, treated with just a little oil will prevent most foods from sticking to the grill.

Cleaning is an easy 3 step process.

  1. After cooling, remove and clean the grill plate.
  2. Remove and clean the oil collector.
  3. Empty the ash from the charcoal container.

You can easily control the intensity of heat during grilling, by simply controlling the air-flow to the charcoal with our Control Knob. You can turn-up or turn-down the speed of the fan, which in turn reduces or increases the heat levels!

  • Traditional grills are bulky and heavy, making it difficult to move or transport.
  • The Homping Grill body is cool to the touch and can be safely moved outdoors!
  • Charcoal grills produce a lot of smoke!
  • Although The Homping Grill produces smoke and should only be used outdoors, the smoke is reduced drastically due to the internal fan design!
  • Charcoal grills require bringing a lot of heavy charcoal with you!
  • Not the Homping Grill! Our tests conclude you can easily have a full flavored barbecue with as little as 4 charcoal briquettes.
  • The intensity of heat during cooking is difficult to control!
  • Not with The Homping Grill! You control the heat intensity with our control knob located right in the body of the grill. Turn up the speed of the fan to increase the intensity of the heat, reduce the fan speed to reduce the intensity of the heat!

The upper body is rustproof and the grill features 304 Stainless Steel for durability with a hygienic and semi-permanent gloss for a luxurious finish.

With the adoption of eco-friendly ceramic coating, food does not stick to the grill plate! In addition, non-stick coating prevents the burning of the grill plate during cooking and extends the grill life!


In 2012, Homping Grill was also selected by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy as the winner of the ‘Good Design of the Year’ award in the field of living, which officially demonstrated the product’s outstanding design.

Nearly Smokeless Grilling!

There is nothing compared to a delicious grilled meal cooked over red hot charcoal. The heat from the charcoal’s embers cooks the interior & exterior of the meat, while searing in the natural juices and enhancing the mild smoky flavor of the meat. Grilling at home or on the road is in reality more challenging and smoky than simply ordering in a restaurant?

Homping Grill is a new-concept in charcoal grill that helps people enjoy charcoal-grilling in a safe and convenient manner both at home and on the road. Taking advantage of its award-winning design, the Homping Grill provides the best attributes of convenience, heat and flavor in a light-weight, portable, nearly smokeless design. The Homping Grill easily & quickly ignites in two different ways: you can use 8 to 10 instant light charcoal briquettes; or you can use a fire starting gel like SmarterStarter Fluid(R) and lump charcoal. Ignite the charcoal, turn on the fire control switch to increase airflow to the flames and you'll be cooking within two to three minutes!

HOMPING is the combination of the words ‘home’ and ‘camping’ or 'home' and 'tailgating'. As its name suggests, the Homping Grill lets you bring the joy and taste of traditional charcoal grilling almost anywhere!


The Homping Grill is the ideal personal tailgate grill and for outdoor grilling on the go. Additionally, the Homping Grill can be used anywhere traditional charcoal grills are used AS WELL AS PLACES PREVIOUSLY UNACCESSABLE due to grill size and high-smoke output. Perfect for RV and apartment balcony use, the Homping Grill is a safe and powerful grill weighing in at only 8.5 lbs.! .


Compact Throw away those propane bottles forever and bring flavor and flair to your next BBQ, picnic or tailgate. You can take the Homping Grill almost anywhere! Stow away into the Homping Grill bag easily for quick storage at home, in your car, RV, boat or apartment.

Economical Save Time! Save Money! Tired of waiting for half a bag of charcoal to heat up? The Homping Grill uses only 8-10 charcoal briquettes an hour, and with an internal fan that speeds up the process of ignition, you can be cooking in about 3-5 minutes while using less charcoal!

Sleek The Homping Grill boasts an award-winning design! Impress your friends and family with the sleek design, nearly smokeless performance, and reduce charcoal consumption. It’s easy to clean and keep clean, compared to your normal gas and large charcoal BBQ. The lower exterior of the grill does not get hot.

Powerful Power-up the Homping Grills' fan powered by 3 AA batteries. Coming in 2016 we will offer options that run off phones and other USB devices.

Sharable Your friends and family will be blown away by the Homping Grill! Are you tired of trying to remember how everyone wants their steak done? Wouldn’t you just love to tell them to cook it themselves! All your guests can share in the cooking experience. No more chief of the BBQ handling complaints! If you want to get it done properly, do it yourself. You want it done a little bit longer? Sure I’ll just pass the Homping Grill over to you!

Easy New to using charcoal grills? No worries the Homping Grill is the best introduction to this phenomenal style of grilling. It’s never been easier and so convenient to have a charcoal BBQ. It so simple to ignite it, it is ready in no time at all and most importantly it is easy to clean. Ever tried to transport your BBQ from one end of the beach to the other? With the Homping Grill you don’t have to worry about burning your hands or making a mess. The outer casing of the Homping Grill does not get hot.

Easy fire control
By rotating the control switch left and right, inner fan controls the intensity of charcoal flame during cooking.

Convenient mobility
Ergonomic handle design in the body and portable bag make it easy to move almost anywhere.

No electric cords, No gas
Only four AA batteries are needed to run the powerful inner fan.