Homping Grill vs. Other Portable Grills

Posted by Sandy on 4/3/2017 to HOMPING

Homping Grill vs. Other Portable Grills

Portable grills are very convenient when you want to have an outdoor party where you will barbecue some food as the party goes on. There are several types of portable grills on the market today each with its design and size.

However, the Homping Grill stands out from the rest of the portable grills in a number of ways. Here is a comparison between the conventional portable grills and Homping Grill.


Despite being portable, most of the portable grills cannot be carried with ease in the trunk of most of cars. Given the restrictions in many locations, you may not use such large grills. On the other hand, the Homping Grill is very compact and small yet has a large grilling area. You can carry it with you to just any party location such as tailgating, camping, and the picnic.


Most portable grills either run on charcoal or propane gas. Unfortunately, when using most of the models, you have to carry a bag of charcoal to cook a meal for just a few people. Sometimes it takes too long for the charcoal to heat up. Those that use gas require several bottles of propane to heat the grill plate for the entire barbecuing period.

Fortunately, for the Homping Grill, you do not need more than ten briquettes per hour to keep your food grilling. Moreover, it has a battery operated fan that helps light the briquettes within five minutes of lighting up the grill.

Controlling the heat

Some of the food does not cook evenly due to a very hot grill. Since it is not practical to remove some of the briquettes, you are forced to keep turning the food even before it is ready. The Homping Grill has a knob you use to control the amount of air that gets to the charcoal. This helps you control the intensity of heat released by the briquettes. You can use the fastest speed when lighting up the grill and reduce the fan speed when you need low hear for your barbecue.

You can take advantage of all these superior features of the Homping Grill by purchasing one from www.hompingusa.com.