How is the Homping Grill unique?

Posted by Sandy on 4/3/2017 to HOMPING

How is the Homping Grill unique?

Homping Grill is the most recent innovation in the portable grills marketplace. It comes with features that solve the problems faced by the users of most of the portable charcoal grills. Here are some of the features that make this grill unique.

It is almost smoke-free

If you are grilling some oily food, the chances are that soon there will be a lot of smoke that comes from the burning of oil that drips into the charcoal. The Homping Grill gets rid of this problem by having a convenient oil collector below the grill plate that keeps the oil from dripping into the charcoal. This guarantees you less smoke for your food and flare-ups from burning of the oil.

Heat control

Not all the food requires very high heat to cook. Most of the food would burn in high heat while others would not have time to cook well beyond the surface. The Homping Grill has an airflow control knob, which you can use to limit the amount of air coming to the charcoal. This changes the heat intensity to what is ideal for your food. The air gets to the charcoal through a fan on the lower end of the grill. The knob varies the speed of the fan thereby reducing the heat intensity.

Rust free and stick free

The Homping Grill also has a non-stick treated grill plate that just requires a little oil for a stick-free grilling experience. The plate has been treated with an eco-friendly ceramic coating that has good heat retention but does not get sticky when smeared with oil from the food. Moreover, the upper part of the grill is made of stainless steel, which is durable, glossy, and well finished. It combines quality barbecuing experience with durability and luxurious finish.

Even distribution of heat

The charcoal burner is located at the center of the Homping Grill with air coming from a fan below it. The hot air is pushed to the grill plate that is designed in a way that it spreads across every part of the plate. This prevents the fire hot spots and enables even grilling of the food. 

You can get quality Homping Grill from . The grills are not only light in weight; they are also convenient, heat efficient and almost smoke-free. They are also luxuriously finished and durable. They are convenient for all your outdoor grilling parties especially tailgating other personal parties.