About Homping

Nearly Smokeless Grilling!

There is nothing compared to a delicious grilled meal cooked over red hot charcoal. The heat from the charcoal’s embers cooks the interior & exterior of the meat, while searing in the natural juices and enhancing the mild smoky flavor of the meat. Grilling at home or on the road is in reality more challenging and smoky than simply ordering in a restaurant?
Homping Grill is a new-concept in charcoal grill that helps people enjoy charcoal-grilling in a safe and convenient manner both at home and on the road. Taking advantage of its award-winning design, the Homping Grill provides the best attributes of convenience, heat and flavor in a light-weight, portable, nearly smokeless design. The Homping Grill easily & quickly ignites in two different ways: you can use 8 to 10 instant light charcoal briquettes; or you can use a fire starting gel like SmarterStarter Fluid(R) and lump charcoal. Ignite the charcoal, turn on the fire control switch to increase airflow to the flames and you'll be cooking within two to three minutes!

HOMPING is the combination of the words ‘home’ and ‘camping’ or 'home' and 'tailgating'. As its name suggests, the Homping Grill lets you bring the joy and taste of traditional charcoal grilling almost anywhere!


The Homping Grill is the ideal personal tailgate grill and for outdoor grilling on the go. Additionally, the Homping Grill can be used anywhere traditional charcoal grills are used AS WELL AS PLACES PREVIOUSLY UNACCESSABLE due to grill size and high-smoke output. Perfect for RV and apartment balcony use, the Homping Grill is a safe and powerful grill weighing in at only 8.5 lbs.! .